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L 'Âme fleur 

"The wind blows across the French countryside on a

summer's morning. A night filled with thoughts of the moments to come

has just passed. This feeling of fulfilment, of a summer that will be

marked with family and friends. This happiness is so rare that it's precious.

Perfumed tea, a silk shirt, the scent of jasmine in the garden in the breeze.

Wearing a light dress, with few accessories, and enjoying the moment.


For ​the Spring-Summer 2021 collection, LYSANDRE PARIS is focusing on its core values

simplicity, sincerity, dreams and freedom. With its highly precise techniques and the quality of

its handmade prints and embroidery, the LYSANDRE PARIS is aimed at women with a

passion for philosophy and a rich and unlimited imagination.

Poetic, romantic and dreamlike."

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