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Lysandre Paris is a modern brand for a contemporary woman.
More than products, we offer lifestyle.

A way of thinking, a way of dressing and accessorize that is

unique, bold, with a strong point of view.

Embroideries and prints are unique and developped by Minhua

exclusively for the brand. Also, we own our ateliers and factories

which gives us perfect flexibilty and control on the quality.

When a woman buys a Lysandre piece, a garment or an accessory,

she is part of our family .

The Lysandre Paris woman is no ordinary one.

Well brought up and educated,

she does not follow trends neither does she imposes them.

Her family is her strength. Her creativity...her reason to exist.

Her gesture, her way to celebrate life.

She is not precious, she is refined.

She is not old school, she has her own time capsule.

She is not an urban woman 

and despite her refined upbringing, she is very simple

She is a modern days Artistocrat.

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