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" A way of thinking, a way of dressing and accessorize that is unique, bold, with a strong point of view. "

LYSANDRE PARIS, founded in Paris by Madame Minhua GUO, is a French fashion house. LYSANDRE PARIS perfectly blends French romance with Chinese sentiment, combining the intricacies of craftsmanship and the language of painting to present a fresh and elegant modern style. LYSANDRE PARIS is dedicated to interpreting the art of contemporary haute couture.


The name LYSANDRE originates from ancient Greece, symbolizing a profound resonance with the pursuit of imagination, eternal beauty, and freedom, bestowing LYSANDRE PARIS with a unique soul and significance.

Minhua GUO

" Spiritual freedom is my vitality and the wellspring of my creative inspiration. It can traverse borders and time, integrating history, modernity, and the future. My creative process is only defined by the need to breathe, to be transcended. This way of conceiving life and the creative process allows for constant spiritual elevation, like a quest for total fulfillment when the summit is reached. "

Minhua Guo

Born and raised in the enchanting Pearl Delta of Southern China during a prolific era, Madame Minhua GUO emerged as a destined force in the world of design. Her early exposure to the artistry of sewing and embroidery, courtesy of her mother, ignited a passion for fashion that would define her extraordinary path. Raised in a culturally rich environment, where oil painting, music, and dance were integral parts of her upbringing, Minhua's childhood became a fertile ground for artistic inspiration.


In 2010, Minhua embarked on a transformative journey to France, seeking to fulfill her fashion dreams. Her pursuit led her to the prestigious Studio Berçot, where she immersed herself in the world of fashion design. By 2016, armed with invaluable experience gained from navigating the Parisian fashion scene, Minhua took the bold step of establishing her own brand LYSANDRE PARIS. Notably, the brand soared to international acclaim with the creation of the iconic Fantasy Clutch, marking a triumphant inception.


Minhua's design aesthetic is marked by a distinctive signature – hand-embroidery. This unique touch elevates her accessories, positioning LYSANDRE PARIS as a true gem in the vast fashion landscape. Drawing inspiration from a plethora of ancient and modern cultures, each LYSANDRE PARIS collection mirrors the symbolism found in the works of painters, playwrights, and fairy tales. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these pieces are not merely accessories but timeless works of art.


Currently pursuing an MBA at the renowned Sup de Luxe Graduate School in Paris, Minhua is dedicated to the continuous enrichment of her knowledge. Her commitment to growth and excellence serves as a testament to her unwavering determination to chart her course, both in life and in the ever-evolving realm of fashion. As Minhua GUO continues her journey, her vision and artistry promise to shape the future of the fashion industry, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of design.

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