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Minhua  Guo

Born in 1984 in Guangdong, China, Minhua Guo was destined to become a fashion designer from an early age.

She learned to sew and embroider from the age of five with her mother. Highly intellectual, her family encouraged her to learn traditional techniques and hobbies such as oil painting, music and dance.

Minhua's childhood in a highly cultural social environment provided her with an inexhaustible source of inspiration, which is still very useful to her today.


In 2010, Minhua decided to move to France to continue her studies. She joined the prestigious Studio Berçot, where she studied fashion design. In 2016, she felt ready

to set off on her own adventure after a few experiences in fashion in Paris and launched her own brand, Lysandre Paris. Right from the start of the brand, she

made a name for herself with the creation of the famous Fantasy Clutch, which earned her international attention.


Hand-embroidery is her trademark, and she is one of the only designers to incorporate it into accessories, making her House a one-of-a-kind jewel.

Highly inspired by various cultures, ancient and modern, each collection will reflect the symbolism of painters, playwrights and even fairy tales. These pieces are made

to last and will be forever timeless.


Currently, Minhua in pursuing an MBA at the Sup de Luxe school in Paris.

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