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Minhua  Guo


Our designer Minhua Guo was born and grew up in mainland China, in a village between mountains and sea.

She learnt how to sew with her mother and how to be free with her father.

Her proximity with natural elements and a simple life made her who she is and represents all her imagination.

After graduating from Studio Berçot in Paris, Minhua joined the design team at Olympia Le Tan,

a french fashion house renowned for its creativity and technique.​

A few years later, she felt confident enough to launch her own label LYSANDRE PARIS, allowing her to express freely.

While she focuses on high-quality hand embroideries and sometimes extravagant outfits, Minhua remains simple.

Nothing matters more than her family and her well-being.​

She chose to live an hour away from Paris, in the countryside, allowing her son to enjoy fresh air and a direct proximity to nature.

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